WATCH: Tampa’s Brother Cephus made a very neat music video

Tampa’s Seth and Gabe Davis are very nice boys. Pastor’s sons, the brothers grew up playing liturgical rock music for fans of such things.

One time I interviewed them for The Folio and Gabe told me of playing contemporary worship music:

“It’s influenced Seth and me in different ways, both positive and negative,” and “the existential thought process is something that’s hard to ignore,” and “I still align with a lot of what we grew up to believe. But I’ll never stop searching, that’s for sure.”

Now brothers Seth and Gabe have tattoos and smoke ciggies and drink beer. And now they don’t play contemporary worship music, but instead play very good moody, layered indie-rock in their own very good band called Brother Cephus. And now they have three compilations of very good music, including a brand new release called Not That Important. And now they have a music video for a song off Not That Important called, “Toxic Slip.” It’s a very good music video. Watch and listen!

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