WATCH: Big Bud-Little Bud do the Surfing

Don’t let the absence of color from their wardrobes, or the doom metal rattling the windows of their automobiles fool you, Trenton Tarpits and John Massey are pussycats. These North Florida nice boys share many common interests — the color black, sludge-y guitar riffs, high water pants, Inkwell Instagram filters, and a proclivity for stylish, out-of-the box surfboard riding.

Earlier this Summer, the big-bud-little-bud duo found some clean peelers at a very secret North Florida spot, set a camera upon a tripod, and pressed record. The short video (edited by little-bud Massey) captures Tarpits Windansea-bottom-turning, gliding, and cheater-fiving on hisĀ Black Rose Mfg. log and Massey cranking turns, doing the barrel, and projecting giant fans of salt-water from atop a self-shaped asymmetrical craft. Watch the video below to see big bud-little bud ride the wild surf in their own idiosyncratic ways, making us all proud of our nice Florida boys!

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