FEUD: Council Prez Brosche Vs. Basket of Deplorables

Despite our institutional awareness re: the rise of neo-fascism in America — evidence of which my colleague, Daniel Brown, meticulously compiled just this morning — we at the Squealer were no-less shocked by the events that took place in Charlottesville this past weekend.

How about you? Did you think that the removal of Confederate iconography, constructed as part of a propaganda campaign to cast the South’s rebellion in a more flattering light would prompt such outright displays of White rage? Were you expecting, in the year of 2017, in the USofA, to see Neo-Nazis sporting Swastika-emblazoned arm bands and White Supremacists concealing their faces with pointy hats? Were you surprised to see many in both groups accessorizing their khakis and white-Polos with MAGA hats and/or Tiki torches?

It was disturbing. Disgusting. More than just a fashion-travesty, it was truly an embarrassment to our nation’s foundational ideals of freedom, democracy, and human decency.

We were less shocked (relatively, so) at our notoriously spineless President’s unwillingness to denounce the alt-right nimrods, as they are no doubt some of his most ardent supporters.

Props, I suppose, are in order, then for our very own Poseur-Mayor who did, indeed, do some immediate and strong denouncing. Good on him, we say!

However, when pressed to ruminate on the future of the many Jacksonville-based Confederate statues not dissimilar to the ones that prompted the Charlottesville bruhaha, Curry — like the big-time sports ball fan he is — punted, offering that he’d leave it up to the city’s legislative body to debate such things.

Yet, shortly after our Poseur-Mayor’s punt was sent spiraling skyward, New City Council Prez Anna Brosche — who’d lined up between the hashmarks, roughly thirty yards from the proverbial line of scrimmage — shuffled to field the descending pigskin. And though she could likely sense her pursuers would soon close in on her, Brosche did not wave for a fair catch of our Posuer-Mayor’s punt. No, no! Not even metaphorically, or analogously — or in accordance with whichever literary device I’ve set in motion with this stupid football reference. Our new hero Brosche fielded the ball, and headed up field!

As reported by the TU Brosche has called for the removal of Jacksonville’s many Confederate statues. Does this not make you proud of our little, good ol’ boy town? Our young, female, Asian-American Council Prez is fighting the good fight! Standing up for what is right!

Or are you one who sees the removal of Confederate statues as an erasure of Southern heritage? A dismissal of the South’s simple, long-held traditions of celebrating simple, honorable men who chose “duty” over human decency? Are you one who believes City Council Prez has drunk the Kool-Aid of progressive-liberalism and is placating the radical-snowflakes of the left? Do you think our new City Council Prez might be, herself, a snowflake?

Whatever your thoughts, it is clear that new Council Prez Brosche has a spine made from Wurtzite boron nitride (very strong synthetic material, according to Wikipedia). She has taken a stand. And, in so doing, she is now feeling the wrath of our city’s deplorables.

As reported by our good friend A.G. Gancarski on blog-seemingly-made-specifically-for Alex P. Keaton, Florida Politics, after calling for the stone heads of Jacksonville’s Confederate monuments, new Council Prez Brosche has been besieged by angry emails from Jacksonville’s most racist citizens.

Let’s read what Gancarski has written:

…as was the case with Jacksonville’s Human Rights Ordinance, the haters are emerging from the woodwork — and they are filling Brosche’s inbox with the kinds of vituperative emails unseen in Jacksonville city official inboxes since the discussion of LGBT rights was wrapped in February.

One such email purported to be from a senior administrator at a local university; that university, it turns out, had a cyber-security breach that this episode uncovered.

“I find your caving in to nasty commie anarchist hebes and their black jungle-bunny friends to be repulsive,” the emailer wrote.

“You are an Asian!  You don’t belong here. You aren’t from here.  You just can’t cave in to these sorry people and screw everyone else.  You should not even be on the city council,” the emailer added, saying “liberals and their n*** allies are making you look bad.”


My, my… the anger. The racism. The caps-lock!

Do you think these angry, caps-lock-loving, racist emailers can scare new Council Prez Brosche? Hells no! This is a woman who refuses to fair catch when fielding punts. She has a spine composed of Carbon/Carbon composite (used to make B2 Bombers, apparently). Brosche is our new hero!



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