UH-OH: Our New Hero Wavers

Last week we fawned over our new City Council Prez Brosche, who had called for the removal of the city’s Confederate monuments. We beamed with pride for our city, with its Asian-American City Council Prez with backbone made of very strong, synthetic material, who refuses to fair-catch punts from Our Poseur Mayor. We imagined her budding partnership with prospective Jaguars quarterback (and future AFC South MVP) Colin Kaepernick, as he would take care of the kneeling and the touchdown scoring, while Council Prez Brosche would remove the statues and contend with the racist emailers.

Our hearts are heavy this morning, however, as not only has Shahid Khan failed to give us Kaepernick in return for our giving him money for pee-pee pools and a concert hall for Goo Goo Dolls. But, according to blog-for-those-who-ask-the-barber-for-the-“Young Republican” , our new hero has wavered.

Just this morning, very good local reporter A.G. Gancarski wrote that Council Prez Brosche seems to be backing down.

Let’s read what Gancarski has unearthed:

We asked Brosche about the seeming daylight between her position at the start of the week and the end, and she told us the following: “I asked for an inventory to start a process of understanding what we have to determine next steps. Removal of the monuments remains an option,” Brosche said, “and I’ve received many alternative suggestions for consideration this week.”

By the time Brosche filed her “Sunday’s Lead Letter” to the Florida Times-Union, she had clearly taken those “alternative suggestions” to heart.

The letter: a few hundred words of spackle, one in which Brosche bandied about bromides (“Now is the time for a conversation, one that will be difficult, but one we must have if we are to truly become One City, One Jacksonville”), while avoiding any mention of removal of the monuments.

Indeed, Brosche managed to avoid taking a position at all — a neat trick just days after she took a genuinely iconoclastic position.

“I respect and appreciate the divergent perspectives regarding the Confederate monuments. To some, they are primarily symbols of our heritage and history. To others,” Brosche wrote, “they are primarily symbols of oppression of an entire race.”

Quite a gulf between those two positions. The same held true when those statues were erected; in Jacksonville and elsewhere, Confederate monuments were intended as a visual reinforcement of the Jim Crow social order…

…Brosche still got lit up in the comments for her “Lead Letter.” Her political adversaries sense vulnerability, and will exploit it.

Regardless of — or perhaps because of — Brosche’s position evolution on this matter, Jacksonville City Council public comment Tuesday evening is expected to be lively.

Say it ain’t so, Council Prez Brosche. Tell us you have not been made to change your mind by racist emailers with proclivities toward caps-lock. We were certain your spine was of the industrial strength variety. We were certain you were worthy of our hero-worship! Say it ain’t so.

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