WATCH: The War On Drugs Set Rock N’ Roll Adrift

Just yesterday we posited the following question: Is rock n’ roll relevant? 

Our argument against: “hip” churches co-opting of the genre.

Our argument for: Folks like Steven Marshek getting off the Interwebs and into the garage.

But today is a new day. A new day to return to the Interwebs and add to our running list. Here’s another argument against rock n’ roll’s abiding resonance:

Rock is so old, in fact, that it serves to remind the grey-haired gentlemen above of the good times. You know, strapping on the guit-box. Singin’ a tune with the fellas. And an erect penis without the aid of pharmaceuticals!

Alas, there are a handful of guitar bands who’ve yet to reach the age of impotence. Though far from young bucks, Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs have so far released three very fine, resonant rock n’ roll albums. And since 2014s breakout “Lost in the Dream” the band has been said to be the best, and the one with the most integrity, of all the rock bands — at least in the eyes of the media organizations that still think that means anything. In anticipation of the band’s major label debut (a thing that still happens), both The New York Times and The New Yorker have published articles that speak glowingly of the band’s frontman, his long hair, his guitar-based music and his obsessive creative process. The articles say if it were not 2017, but instead 1997 or 1987 or 1977, The War on Drugs would not just be Pitchfork’s fave. The War on Drugs would be everyone’s fave.

The band’s new album, “A Deeper Understanding” is due out this week. Watch the music video (a thing that people still make) below for the new track “Pain” and you’ll to see The War on Drugs, in black and white, having long hair and being a contemporary rock n’ roll band whilst floating on a river that runs through industrial looking parts of Philadelphia, Granduciel lip-syncing his reedy, Dylan-esque vocals while his bros tend to the serious business of keeping rock n’ roll alive with ambient guitar-based muzak! VIVA VIAGRA!

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