FEUD: Ryan Adams VS. Father John Misty

Ain’t our current crop of soft-rocking, indie-darlings just precious?

Talented? Certainly. Thin-skinned? As ever!

Let’s talk Father John Misty first. Since leaving the Fleet Foxes and dabbling in psychedelics, Misty has put out three of the finest snide-social-criticism-set-to-soft/approachable-instrumentation-albums since Randy Newman, while entertaining us endlessly with his Twittering, non-stop interviewee-ing, stories of Beyonce and at least one epic public meltdown.

How amazing was that? Aren’t we ever so lucky to have indie-darlings who can throw such eloquent tantrums?

Then there’s Ryan Adams. He’s been prolific over the last decade, writing, producing, and performing his own brand of ever-earnest, tender guitar-based music. He even managed to sincerely cover an entire Taylor Swift album, his integrity seemingly intact!

Recently, however, Adams has come under attack for his alleged complicity in the downfall of the last-ever rock n’ roll band, The Strokes (forgivable, we say). But, our thin-skinned hero did not take kindly to said allegations, responding with some harsh passive-aggressive burns, via Twitter.

Great stuff all around, don’t you think?

Alas, you can love both no longer. A feud has erupted and it’s time to pick a side.

Misty had previously panned Adams‘ album of Swift-covers, calling it a “Grotesque stunt,” and it seemed Adams would be content to let Misty’s admonishment fester until such a time that he could no longer hide his fury beneath his blasé exterior. So, with Misty set to solidify his soft-rock rectitude with a performance for PBS’s Austin City Limits broadcast, Adams — his armor clearly dented by recent criticisms — took to Twitter in a jealous, passive-aggressive rage to attack our Bardcore hero, Misty.

Shall we read Adams’ deleted-Tweet? Duh!

It’s so wonderful you booked the most self-important asshole on earth to “break it all down for us” while he does his Nick Cave impression.

How wonderful is Adams’ sarcastic use of the word wonderful? The devastating charge of self-importance. The deployment of sardonic quotes! Adams even asserts Misty’s unoriginality while referencing a fellow indie-darling! Bravo!

It was Misty’s move. And he did not disappoint, posting the video below to Facebook.

Misty executes an exquisite faux-taking of the high road, managing to seem simultaneously self-deprecating and principled.

How fun is this?! Two new feuds in one week. Whose side will you choose?

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