FEUD: Spike Lee Vs. Shahid Khan

With the announcement that perennial backup Chad Henne will be bringing his very ordinary skill set to the starting quarterback position for the team’s third (and most pivotal) preseason game, it’s clear that fans of the Jacksonville football Jaguars are in for another vanilla season. Sadly, the team has given no indication that they would seek to actually win games this year by signing Superbowl-competing, touchdown scoring, kneeling, unemployed QB Colin Kaepernick.

A surprising lack of ambition, maybe. But as we posited last week, it fits a pattern of team owner Shahid Khan’s Producers-esque approach to extracting profits from a lackluster production.

Very famous film director, Spike Lee, however, has a different theory as to why the Jags have declined to bring Kaepernick — and the QB’s touchdown scoring and kneeling — to Jacksonville, telling CNN’s Anderson “Silver Fox” Cooper that Khan and other owners have blackballed Kaepernick because of their support for President Donald Trump (Khan is one of several NFL owners who donated money for President Trump’s “record setting” inauguration ceremony).

So whose side are you on?

Spike Lee has given us “Do the Right Thing” with Radio Raheem and the very talented John Tarturo and Rosie Perez’s exposed nipples. He also gave us “He Got Game” which paired non-actor, yet very good three-point-shooter Ray Allen with very talented actor Denzel Washington.

Khan meanwhile has taken lots of taxpayer money to build pee-pee pools and concert halls for Goo Goo Dolls and has given money to the shitty One Spark Festival and very bad President Donald Trump.

If we are going to have another vanilla season — with no Kaepernick and no touchdown scoring and no kneeling — at least we can have Spike Lee Vs. Shahid Khan!

Check out the interview with Lee and the Fox here and stake out your position!

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