BROETRY CORNER: “Nut Up! Nut Up!” by Todd Hadner


Nut Up! Nut Up!

I don’t need no brand or slogan,

trippin’ balls like my main man, shaman Joe Rogan.



Rollin’ in my whip like Adam Carolla,

chase the fine babes cause I only live YOLO.

I’m a CEO, big ballin’s player,

Keep in touch with my heart

listening to the John Mayer.



Nut Up! Nut Up!

Poppin’ up the collah!

Combin’ back my lettuce,

$99 Paypal

Pay-Per-View Lacrosse.



I got the analytics on tappin’ hot asses,

Only cut the lame-ass Tuesday classes.

With the Tinder app I’m a straight-up terror,

Map the fine tricks like Bam Margera.



Nut Up Nut Up!

Vapin’ up the Kush,

Shit can’t get danker.

But one hit for me,

Lest I dull my skills

As a motherfuckin’

G-Rollin’ investment banker!



Todd Hadner (all rights reserved, bitch!)


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