PHOTOJOURNALISM: Tibetan Buddhist Boyz with Gunz


“Whenever possible – go for a head shot.”

– The Buddha


“And ya know muthafuckers be trippin ‘/ when my bullets through their guts go rippin’ / Smokin’ blunts, makin’ bank-hard cheddah all day / I guess that’s just the muthafuckin’ hard Buddha way.”

– The Buddha, “That’s the Muthafuckin’ Hard Buddha Way,” (Om 420 Records)


“An armed child is like a five-legged horse: misunderstood yet fast, free, happy, and admired from afar.”

– The Buddha, The NRA Sutra


“The dharma is like a flying bullet: quick, unstoppable, deadly, and nonrefundable, son!”

– Buddha, The .357 Sutta


“To shoot one in the back is most auspicious; I call it Surprise Enlightenment at 2,500 Feet Per Second.”

– The Buddha


“You seek enlightenment? Yeah, I didn’t THINK SO.”

– Lama Kagyu Heston

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